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Our Business

Our Business

We don`t believe just in donations, we also believe in business.

We are a group of business students from Hochschule Mainz who support Ethiopian businesses through purchasing hand-made products at a fair price.

One of these projects is an embroidery business situated at a clinic in a small town called Attat. Girls with low future prospects have the opportunity to make textiles.

We buy the products and sell them in Germany. 100% of the money received goes to the women at the embroidery business.

All the products are 100% cotton.

Buying these products will support the girls by providing work opportunities and sustainable income. Additionally they can support their families and invest their earnings in education.

Semay networks to make differences in people`s lives.

We develop sustainable business concepts to create future employment in these countries  and raise funds to support our initiative.

Current Project: Semay Addis Ababa weavery project in association with the Connected in Hope Foundation, a non-profit organisation addressing the needs of women and families living in Mount Entono by supporting sustainable income development, improved education, opportunities and increased access to basic healthcare.