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“Semay® believes that the world would be a better place if students around the world cared more about others”.

A group of international students with Professor Dr. Claudia Hensel from the University of Applied Sciences Mainz has teamed up as an “International Social Responsibility” group for the purpose of bringing the project named Semay® to life and keeping it alive.

Semay®, which was established in May 2012, has grown into an international student network.

Our mission is to spread the thought of Semay®, enabling students to share commitment, take action and do good things for real. Its goal is to understand the life in underdeveloped countries, to see the cultural differences and to raise awareness for social responsibility. Our campaigns help by applying business concepts so that our work has a sustainable success. With our help girls can complete apprenticeships successfully and start their own business.

Through distribution platforms in European countries like France, Spain, Germany, Albania, Lithuania, Portugal, Bulgaria, Hungary and also from other continents such as America (USA, Mexico, Argentina) and Asia (Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia) we want students to inspire and motivate others in their home countries to improve and support the idea of helping and growing together, like we actually do. One day, we want to grow as an international project that can provide knowledge to other national “Social Responsibility” project groups. We are working constantly on our project. We want to earn money to buy embroidered tablecloth, bags, napkins and much more from these Ethiopian girls.

We are HAPPY with Semay! Please see yourself: